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THE ISSUE: Each year New York City’s combined sewage-runoff sanitation system discharges 27 billion gallons of untreated runoff and raw sewage in the Hudson and East River. The result is degraded riverine and costal ecosystems and unsanitary conditions for recreation.

THE SOLUTION: Permeable surfaces such as parks, green roofs, and specially engineered water management plantings called 'swales' absorb rainwater, and greatly enhance the ability for the city's sewer systems to safely treat sewage and runoff.

THE WALK: Join Loomstate and the Lower East Side Ecology Center as they follow the path of a raindrop or lavatory flush through NYC's streets to an overflow pipe along the East River. Learn the issues and inner workings of the city’s sewer system, explore a secret beach under the Brooklyn Bridge, and engage in some direct action to heal our urban ecosystem.

This 1 hour walking tour will start in Foley Square and end at the Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards participants will have the unique opportunity to build and install a micro-swale in Catherine Slip. Approx. 40 min.

Please RSVP@Loomstate.org